Roseau County

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  1. These are just so beautiful of my state of my birth. I have a sunrise photo I took with a cheap camera at Lake of The Woods that I think is the most beautiful..for 2 reasons,my sister who no longer is here who woke me to see the sunrise and sister..keep on taking these beautiful photos. By the way, my home town is Greenbush,Mn

  2. It is always so splendid to see my old hometown and the area of my childhood captured by the eye of an appreciator of the simpler things of life!
    Thank you!

  3. Should of had a picture of the Roseau Count Fair; where you go every year to visit with friends and family from years ago! These pictures are beautiful!

  4. Lived there for fifteen years and call it home. Best place to raise kids. They grow up with good morals. Love Roseau!

  5. Awesome pics! I have left Roseau several times, but can’t stay away. Question: do I get a free print of my hay rake???

  6. My hometown is Badger, MN. Lived there most of my life until 2006 when I moved to AZ. These photos are beautiful and show some of the most spectacular peaceful places up there. Thank you for taking these! They need to be made into a calendar!

  7. very nice photo’s I recognized the Oiland Church at Badger too. Roseau county was my home sweet home for many a years. I feel great to call it my home town.

  8. Beautiful pictures! I especially enjoyed the pictures of the Pinecreek area, where I lived for many years. Love it there! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  9. A relative left a link to this on Facebook, highlighting the picture of the road to happiness by Gatzke, where many of my relatives live. Great photos all around. Gatzke is actually in Marshall County, but is much closer to the county seat of Roseau than to Marshall County’s seat in Warren. I take issue with the title “Withering Sunflowers”; the picture shows sunflowers that have pollinated, lost their petals, and developing seeds that make the heads of the plants heavy. I’d hardly call fulfilling their purpose “withering”.

  10. I love these photos! They are beautiful! You have captured the beauty of what I grew up with. Made me homesick for God’s country!

  11. Hard to believe it’s been 47 years since leaving my birthplace of Roseau. Every time I visit, it still feels like home. Quiet and full of life and energy!

  12. My Mother was born in Roseau, and as a child I was there every summer. I still have cousins living there, and recently visited .Just say the word Omdahl and you will still here someone yell Hear. Beautiful place to visit

  13. Beautiful pictures! Our family lived just across the Border in Man. Grandparents lived in Pine Creek!! The Wick Family. Spent lots of time there! Going to meet cousins in Roseau in Sept.

  14. Gorgeous photos! Was just back in Gatzke for an all school Gatzke Reunion. Born and raised in this area, Grygla, Skime and Gatzke. Still home to me.

  15. There is nothing like the endless Roseau sky! You captured much of the beauty but that too is endless…See there isn’t snow year round either 🙂

  16. Such beautiful pictures . Love the calming effect that your get just looking at them. Have lived in Wannaska for 39 years. When I go down to the cities Dean Mattson & I say when we return that we’re back up here in GOD’S country. Love this areas and the people.

  17. These photos revive a longing for my birth place. The tranquility of a field of sunflowers or wheat, a lonely full moon, the long country road – I close my eyes and I see them in my childhood. But they are black and white images in comparison to your quintessential epitome of a Northern Minnesota town. Thank you.

  18. My mother was born and raised in Roseau, Minnesota. Ellen Powell in 1930 (Wenner is her maiden name) and spoke very fondly of Roseau. At 18, she moved to California (which used to be a beautiful and sensible place to live).

    I’ve never been to Roseau, yet have learned so much from Mom.

    We still have many family members there and one day I will be there at the Grahn family reunion.

  19. The photos are just beautiful. I was born and raised on a farm out of Roseau a few miles. The pictures of the sunflowers with the mound of trees in the background brings back so many memories!!! Love this community and all that Roseau County stands for. Thank you for sharing with especially us who have moved from this beautiful part of our great country!!

  20. Awesome photos & comments about my favorite place on the planet! I grew up in Roseau. Still miss the community of friends & family. It’s small but great & has most everything you need. Happy light has shined on Roseau from your photos-thanks!

  21. Great pictures always neat to see pictures from your home county. Grew up in Wannaska and moved to Oregon in my sophmore year still miss that place best place in the world to grow up

  22. Dorothy said it best, “There is no place like home.” You have captured the beauty and simplicity of God’s country and the sincerity of those that live Up North perfectly. I have been gone 27 years and is still my favorite place to visit.

  23. Beautiful pictures. Born in St Paul but visited Roseau once when I was 12. Stayed with my Uncle Melvin Kolstad and family. I always felt connected when Roseau would win the state hockey tournament.

  24. Stunning photographs! My mother was born and raised in Roseau. I remember fondly summer vacations on my grandparents’ farm just outside town. Thanks for posting these beautiful landscapes!

  25. Awesome photograph of my grandparent. Grandpa Larry and my grandma ellinor Gustafson😊 grandpa Larry passed a few years ago😞 but it is awesome to see him smiling again thank you!

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